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Japan institute of Co-operative research was established by about 50 promoters including Japanese Workers Co-operative Union in 1991. The aim of establishment of our Institute is to form a general strategies of co-operative and non-profit organization movement for renaissance of life, work and communities. Our members count about 356 individuals such as professors, researchers and activists and 47 organizations including co-operatives. In 1987 Japanese Workers Co-operative Union appealed to organize discussion meeting as to "Why we cooperate and for what" to form a new network of co-operatives in Japan. In response to this appeal, many organizations, individuals and researchers who are working in various fields gathered together, and it became one of the important meetings to think about new co-operative movement. After this meeting, further study meeting was held in Keio University, and finally we established a institute, Japanese Institute of Co-operative Research.

The main activities of the institute include:

the holding of symposiums

the meeting of study groups on subjects such as employment and cooperation

the collection of information about workers co-operatives all over the world

the publication of magazines and brochures.

Our study area is very wide, but one of important study objects is co-operative law especially for workers. Under Japanese system, workers co-operative are not recognized yet. Our organization, as well as Japanese Workers Co-operative Union, are promoting the legislative works for establishment of Workers Co-operatives Law with other type of co-operatives. We think the study of the workers co-operative laws and activities of the other countries are well helpful to the Japanese co-operative especially for workers co-operatives.

 In Japan, the economy is not well. So called restructuring is popular in the industrial world. Recently some big financial companies went bankrupt and so that many workers are out of work. Under these circumstances, we believe one of the relief measures for the unemployment is to promote workers co-operatives.



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